Freddie’s Tip Number 3 – Leather Seats Like New

If your vehicle is equipped with luxurious leather seats, investing in a crystal clean service is highly advisable. Over time, seats can accumulate dirt and grime, diminishing the overall appeal of your car’s interior. Our specialised leather treatment service is designed to address this issue effectively.

During the leather treatment, we use a premium leather shampoo that thoroughly cleans the leather, lifting away any accumulated grime and restoring it to its original luster. Following the cleaning process, we apply a rich leather balm, akin to polishing your shoes, to rejuvenate the leather. This not only brings back the natural beauty of the material but also provides protection against future wear and tear.

Much like the meticulous care you would give to your shoes, our leather treatment service is a worthwhile investment in preserving the elegance and longevity of your car’s interior. Treat your leather seats to this rejuvenating process and experience the transformation of your vehicle’s overall aesthetic.

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