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Will the car wash be outdoors or in a multi-Storey Car Park


Crystal Clean are pioneers in the car washing and valeting business. We have recently updated our processes to suit the evolving needs of our customers and the environment.


Going forward, we are only installing eco-friendly car washes in locations in Ireland. The advantage of our eco-friendly car washes for landlords is in their ease of installation.

This is a pure plug and play system, which doesn’t require digging up the land or any major construction. As eco-friendly systems, Crystal Clean car washes place limited demands on utilities like power and water. These car washes get power from solar panels placed on the top of the car wash. These solar panels power the hand wash tools that are used to clean a vehicle, water is then collected through the fully self-contained car wash system. This dirty water is filtered and eventually reused.


For a landlord, our systems are fully self-contained, don’t damage the land and put limited demands on utilities.

For additional information on our car wash system, get in contact with Crystal Clean today.

Landlord FAQ

What type of land is suitable for a car wash?

Usually, we install car washes in car parks. Car parks that are beside busy roads or on the outskirts of a large urban area are ideal for a successful car wash business.

Where does Crystal Cleaning have car wash locations?

We are always expanding. Currently, Crystal Clean has car wash locations in Dublin, Meath, Westmeath and Louth.